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Our 32" triple wind spinner comes with eye catching blue and metallic paint finish embellished with gems catches the sunlight as they spins. Each of the 3 blades spin in alternating directions. Each spinner has a powder coated finish to resist the elements as well as a 5-prong ground fork for added stability into the ground.


  • Large, durable ball bearings for easy spinning
  • Thick, super-strong iron bearing casings to keep blades attached
  • Thick and strong 5-Pronged ground stakes
  • Thick metal on all blades
  • Powder-coated finish to resist the elements
  • Knock-down designs are packed 1 Pc per inner pack for ease of selling individually to the consumer, e-commerce and mail order.


Diameter is 32"

Dimensions:  32"x9.5"x85"

Wind Spinner ~ Crescent


Call or Text for availability!

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