Meet the owner of Ärtêfacts

Shelly purchased Ärtêfacts in October 2019, and after a few renovations and new inventory the doors re-opened on November 5th.  Shelly has had a fondness for anything unique and  using that interest she is having the time of her life, adding new items to the shop almost daily!  


Ärtêfacts truly captures the essence of:

Antique ~ Vintage ~ Modern

We carry a wide variety of items like home decor, hand-made jewelry, purses, sculptures, cast iron and more! 

We are constantly changing things up and adding new items to our large selection. Our goal is that each day you will find something new! Looking for something in particular? Just ask and we will see how we can accommodate you! 

Shelly is a self-taught wire and leather wrap artist. Using the ancient technique of wire wrapping, she has a passion for making unique jewelry and sculptures. Her creations are intended to exemplify the beautiful coastal environment she has loved for many years. Her artwork has drawn praises from around the country and through social media. She is open to new designs, concepts, and challenges and always trying new things!