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Hand made in Equador, these recycled glass ornaments/suncatchers are stunning and eco-friendly decorations that add a touch of elegance and sustainability to any holiday setting. These ornaments are crafted from recycled glass, giving new life to discarded materials and reducing waste. The glass is carefully melted and shaped into various forms, such as balls, stars, or intricate figurines, by skilled artisans. Each piece boasts a unique and mesmerizing pattern, thanks to the natural imperfections and characteristics of recycled glass. The ornaments can be beautifully translucent or adorned with vibrant colors, creating a captivating display when hung on a Christmas tree or used as decorative accents throughout the home. With their sustainable production and visually striking designs, recycled glass ornaments are a perfect choice for those seeking to combine festive joy with environmental consciousness.

Recycled Glass Suncatcher


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