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Many mages and wizards have an affinity with the elements. The wizard depicted in the Elemental Ascendent Wizard Statue has a great mastery over fire. Made from polystone, this hand-painted statue shows a wizard surrounded by an ascending flame. The wizard wears a blue robe and a green cloak. He also has a belt with a pentacle design around its waist and a triquetra necklace around his neck. The grey-haired wizard holds a staff in his left hand and a clear orb in his right. Around the figure is a spiral of flames. The flames range from yellow to red. They start on the round, black platform that the wizard stands on. Add this magically inspired statue to your home decor or wizard collection.


Made from Polystone


Size: L 5 7/8" * W 4.75" * H 8 1/8"

Elemental Ascendent Wizard


Call or Text for availability!

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